Denali to Anchorage
Wednesday, July 8, 2009
7:00am to 11:00am, Alaska time
257 miles

We were up at 6am and went to grab some breakfast before heading to Anchorage. The road to Anchorage had beautiful scenery; a view of the mountains. Just a few miles before we reached Anchorage, we saw a moose by the road. Wonderful! A rather large female.

We arrived in Anchorage about 11am and went immediately to The Motorcycle Shop to retreive Joyce's Gerbing jacket. They had it and confirmed that the fork leak on our bike would not prevent us from getting home. Joyce was elated to have her jacket back. We then checked into our room and checked out the downtown area. After walking around a bit we stopped into Rumrunners for lunch. Anchorage reminded us a bit of Key West, especially at Rumrunners. The décor and atmosphere was almost the same. We wandered for quite a while in and out of the many, many shops. It was everything a tourist could want, and then some. In fact, it was like we were finally back in civilization. After lunch we took a free trolley ride around the shopping areas and then walked some more around the enclosed mall and went into even more stores; lots of shops, local art, souvenirs. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the La Cabana just a few steps away from our hotel. Seafood enchilada--yumm!

Anchorage to Homer Spit and back
Thursday, July 9, 2009
6:00am to 4:00pm, Alaska time
473 miles

Today we rode to the end of the road on Homer Spit (Interesting name). Homer is a small town on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula that lies literally at the end of the U.S. highway system where U.S. 1 stops at Kachemak Bay. The spit is a jetty built a couple of miles out into the bay to provide a docking area for ships. It was very touristy. There were lots of campers and motor homes.

We saw a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. We saw some mountain goats just off the road enjoying their breakfast. Stopped in Sterling for a break and breakfast on the way there. We saw an eagle and water birds, gulls, heron, birds that look like loons, and ducks.

We stopped to find a geocaches hidden under the huge boulders that lined the spit. Back at the hotel Jeff logged the cache we found and I went off to do laundry before dinner. We ate again at the La Cabana, checked out the news and called it a night. (even though it was still light out).

Intricate carved moose antler
Another carved moose antler
Modern art in the plaza
Another grass roof
Anchorage was at full bloom
A sign post in downtown Anchorage
Whale baleens
Walrus tusks
Another carved moose antler
Big stuffed animals
Another stuffed animal
Wood carving
Stuffed animal
Stuffed animal
Scale from an old gold assay office
Wood carving
Wood carvings
Another wood carving
Stuffed (real) grizzly bear
Sculpture at a firehouse
The end of the road on Homer Spit




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