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When we moved into our house it did not have leaded glass panels in the upper frames of the double-hung windows like many other bungalos that were constructed about the same time. We looked into having windows made and found that it would cost more than we were hoping. In 1997 Jeff began to learn how to make stained glass windows, so we bought some specialized tools and made our own. The living room windows were installed in 1997 followed by the dining room windows in 1998. In subsequent years, a number of other windows in our house were converted to leaded glass panels and a number of panels now hang throughout the house as wall-hung artwork.

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These Prairie style windows are typical of the designs used during the era when our house was built. The gold pieces are made with real 23 karat gold leaf that was gilded to clear glass in a way that makes the gold visible from both inside and outside the house. That was not typical of the era; windows usually had the gold showing only to the outside. Being able to enjoy the bright shiny gold design from the inside, as well as from the outside, worked out splendidly.

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