About Us

We are Jeff and Joyce Oravec and we have reached a point in our lives where our children are now adults successfully living on their own. They still seem to need us occassionally, but the situation has allowed us time to explore some of our other interests which include travel, geocaching, stained glass and ham radio.

We both work full-time jobs which interferes greatly with our ability to spend more time pursuing our hobbies. The jobs, however, provide us the finances to do what we enjoy so we'll keep them for the time being.

We spent several years touring North America by motorcycle. You can read about our travels by clicking on the tab above labelled 'Motorcycle Trips'

We also love our Berwyn bungalo with all its stained glass and mission style decor. The beautiful leaded glass windows in our living and dining rooms were made by Jeff beginning in 1997. Click on the tab above labelled Stained Glass to see some pictures and other information.

We started in Ham radio in late 2004 when we both got our entry-level Techinican licenses. Later we both upgraded to the highest license classification, Amatuer Extra. We originally had call signs of KC9GMQ (Jeff's) and KC9GWG (Joyce's), but we upgraded them to W9JT for Jeff and W9JO for Joyce. Only Amateur Extra class licensees can upgrade to these highly sought after "vanity" call signs.

When we stopped spending all our time on motorcycle trips we added the "Other Travel" tab where you can find information about our other (non-motorcycling) vacations.