June 14, 2005

Moab, UT to Gunnison, CO

We were up at 7:00 a.m. local time and out on the road by 8:00 a.m. local time. Traveled into Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Now these are mountains! Riding along one river valley we came across a major hatching of what might have been mayflies. Anyway, the swarms were really thick and lasted for 20 miles or so before we fianlly rode out of that valley. They really put a hurting on the bike with all the splatter. There were so many hitting the bike that it sounded like it was raining.

Our next destination was Mesa Verde National Park; home of the Pueblo cliff dwellings. WOW!! And WOW again!!

We rode the Million Dollar Highway. Way cool!!! 11,200 feet in altitude. Definitely the nose bleed section!! Route 50 a few miles West of Gunnison was under repair. No problem we thought, we have been through lots of roads under repair, but this one is different. The entire four lanes of this major highway have been reduced to something slightly better than a gravel road for about 10 miles. Some spots were pretty loose. Yuck!! So glad to get to the end of that section. Reach Gunnison, Colorado at 7:10 p.m. local time. Eleven hours on the bike and time for some dinner. No lunch stop today and we are hungry!! Right around the corner from our motel is the Last Chance Saloon. They have a special on steak. A 12oz. ribeye for $17.00. Yum, yum!!! We enjoy talking with our server, Missy. She gave us a good tip on a good route for tomorrow. After a long day, the bed sure felt good.!!
End Point: Gunnison, CO
Odometer at End of Day: 20676
Miles Traveled: 482


Places Visited:

La Sal Mountains
Manti La Sal National Forest
Uncompagne National Forest
San Juan National Forest
Mesa Verde National Park
Arapaho National Forest
Roosevelt National Forest

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