mirrored blue




Menu posted at a nearby café. The second to the last item sounds amazing.

Saw quite a few horse-drawn carriages in Old Quebec.

Interesting decorations hung above this street.

View of the Saint Lawrence River.

Interesting spire on this building.

Interesting roof lines.

Modern building amid the old architecture.

Street lights on Avenue Cartier had artistic shades.

Avenue Cartier street lights at night.

Changing of the guard parade grounds.

The goat isn't behaving very well.

Batisse the goat.

Celtic Cross presented to Quebec in 1997 for helping Irish children in 1847-1848.

Hundreds of cannons lines the walls and grounds.

Jeff posing with a cannon.

Large staute by Salvador Dali entitled Alice in Wonderland.

Statue of Champlain.

Children playing in a fountain.

Art near the fountain where the children were playing.

Disturbing poster in the men's room at the 47th Parallel restaurant.

Grave marker dated 1813 at an old cemetary on Rue Saint-Jean.

A row of old grave markers at the old cemetary on Rue Saint-Jean.

More old grave markers.

Another grave marker. This one is dated 1789.

The beginning of the water fall.

You can just make out the coins that were tossed at the top of the falls.

Someone tried to write something with the logs at the bottom of the falls.

A group of zip liners heading to the starting platform.

Zip liners getting instructions before their turn to go.

The falls from the trail at the top of the cliff. Notice the rainbow at the bottom.

Rainbow in the mist.

Rainbow in the mist.

The face of this wall had rock climbing devices to climb up to the small platform at the upper left.

The mist from the falls piles into a pretty large hill in the winter.

Painting from circa 1840 showing the snow hill created by the falls.

View Southwest of Quebec.

Art exhibit in the old Quebed prison museum.

rooftop outdoor exhibit at the new art museum.

The roof levels of the new art museum had plantings arranged as artwork.

An exhibit at the new art museum.

Lots of renovations and new copper spire tops going on the Quebec Armory building.

Youville. Can't help but think of Dr. Seuss when I see this.

Section of the perimeter wall.

Joyce standing by part of the wall and one of the gates.

The French-speaking actors at the museum.

Interesting statue has undulating pavers and running water that resembled waves and surf.

The pavers extended out into the street to enhance the image.

The three garcons café had three pairs of jeans hanging above the sign.

A reporter near an FEQ stage getting ready to broadcast.

Street musician.

Dad concerned about protecting himself and his child from loud noise levels.

Another almost private concert.

Get your cold beer here.

Same stage, different day.

The force is strong in this ahi.

Picture of the inner side of the Holy Door.

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral.

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral.

Concession stand inside Notre Dame Cathedral.

Get your commemorative medllions here.

Organ in the de-santified chapel near Notre Dame.

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral.

Sundial on the seminary wall.

Safe room in the seminary.

Closer view of the safe mechanicals.

Very old print in the sanctuary in the old seminary.

Detail of the old sanctuary.

Old wooden railing in the seminary.

Original kitchen fireplace that was about 10 feet wide.

Iron outer doors are for fire blocking.

fireplace screen no longer in place.

We saw quite a few telephone booths. Notice the middle one has a symbol in blue paint that says disobey.

Another one of those blue paint symbols that looks a bit like a dog.

And another one.

Started noticing a lot of them.

Another one.

One on a fire hydrant.

This one says disobey and revolution.

It says, 'The future belongs to those who raise themselves up'.