Puerto Vallarta
Our First Vacation in Mexico
A Chance To Ride In Mexico

A couple of years ago we completed our goal of riding on motorcycle in all 50 states and in all the provinces and territories of Canada (except Nunavut). But we had another big chunk of North America, namely Mexico, that we had not yet been and we planned to add Mexico to our list on this vacation. We did some research and talked to some family and friends and decided to visit Puerto Vallarta. There are a lot of great places to vacation in Mexico, but Puerto Vallarta kept popping up as the best choice for us. It isn't the hyper booze and club scene that typifies some Mexican resorts; which appealed to us (getting old, I guess). It also has a beautiful 'boardwalk' called the Malecon, some old architechture and churches and some great food.

Our vacation was supposed to be in October, 2011. We had everything booked and reserved, but a hurricaine was forecast to make landfall near Puerto Vallarta just 12 hours before our flight. If we wanted to cancel we had to notify the resort 24 hours before arrival so we had to decide before we could find out if the hurricaine was going to be a problem. Puerto Vallarta, for some geographic reason, rarely gets slammed by hurricaines, but it's not like it has never been hit hard. Anyway, we cancelled the trip, put off rescheduling it until after the holidays and finally made new reservations for April 19 to 27, 2012.

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