Riding a Motorcycle in Our 50th State

We woke before sunrise and took a walk down the shoreline in search of coffee. Watching the sun rise in Waikiki is as beautiful as watching it set! This was a very exciting day. We rented a Harley and completed our goal of riding a motorcycle two-up in our 50th state. Obligatory Harley Picture with Joyce And Of Course One with Jeff The island of O'ahu is absolutely stunning! Beaches, surfs, beautiful homes. Our first stop was at Hanauma Bay. They were charging admission to walk down to the beach, so we just viewed it from the entrance area. What an amazing place. It is actually a nature preserve established to protect the delicate ecosystems in the bay. Visitors have to watch a short educational videoclip about the bay's history and wildlife before entering the beach via a very steep road that leads down to it. Hanauma Bay Beach 
Mouth of Hanuama Bay
We stopped for some lunch on the north shore. Giovanni's shrimp truck looked like an old (very old) delapidated grafittied ice cream truck - but OMGosh!! The most amazing shrimp ever; huge melt-in-your-mouth-like-lobster amazing. They harvest the shrimp from ponds a short distance from here and they are as fresh as they can be. I Don't Think the Truck Even Runs but Just Serves as a Kitchen

We continued our ride the rest of the way North and as far West as you can go without risking running out of road and then rode South back to Waikiki. After returning the motorcycle we went down to the hotel patio for a cool drink. A while later we walked around some of the local shops. Jeff brought Joyce a beautiful chocolate pearl necklace for our 25th anniversary. They will match the chocolate earrings she got for Christmas last year. Aloha au ia 'oe! We ate dinner on the porch of the hotel restaurant and watched yet another beautiful sunset. Upon discovering we were celebrating our 25th the restaurant gave us a complementary dessert; Tiramisu. After dinner we walked around the strip looking at people dressed up like characters: Hello Kitty, Senor Frog, etc., and were mystified by how many mimes there were.

Hula Lessons Taught by the Woman with the Big Yellow Flower in Her Hair and No Coconut Bra
Gold Mime Silver Mime about 50 yards away from the Gold Mime Another Beautiful Sunset

After the sun set, we strolled along the street again to do more people and performer watching.

Paper Mime Paper Mine Hello Kitty Cow Crowded Street Senor Frog Tiki Torches Japanese Tour Bus Night Beach Walk