July 30, 2006

Syracuse, NY to Holiday City, OH

We were up and out at 5:46 ET. Stopped for breakfast at 8 a.m. and got back on the road-only 540 miles to Chicago. When we reached Holiday City, OH, we saw a storm rolling in that looked a lot like the gullywasher we sat through yesterday. After last night's experience, we decided to wait it out. Gassed up and saw a Ramada Inn with a restaurant; the Wabash Cannon Ball. Even though they have just shut down the brunch buffet and were preparing the place for dinner, they served us a prime rib of beef and a drink. They didn't even charge us for the prime rib. They turned on the weather channel for us and we saw the storm warning was in effect until 8 p.m. and there was another system following that one. We decided to get a room; a Jacuzzi suite. This place rocks! For supper we got samplings of the house specialty: 'Grandma's Spaghetti, and ordered a pizza. After supper we enjoyed the Jacuzzi and fell into a coma. Boy did that Jacuzzi make suds.

Miles Traveled: 596

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