July 31, 2006

Holiday City, OH to Berwyn, IL

We woke up at 7:00 a.m. ET to beautiful skies and 73. We enjoyed a breakfast of grapefruit and coffee in the restaurant and hit the road. A huge accident had traffic backed up for 4 miles on the Indiana Tollway!! We routed around it, but had to backtrack a short distance when the road we wanted to take was closed for construction. Thinking the motorcycle might just make it through anyway proved to be wrong and the construction workers told us how to get where we needed to go (after a warning about riding past road block signs). Traffic backed up again when we hit Chicago; construction everywhere! We pull into home in Berwyn, IL at 11:00 a.m. CT; safe, sound, satisfied.

Miles Traveled: 212
We ended up riding through 15 States, 8 of which we had not previously ridden in, as well as the five remaining Canadian provinces we had not yet ridden in. We traveled 5,743 miles on the bike, plus about 450 miles on ferries. The ferries required reservations if you wanted to be sure to get aboard, so we had to plan parts our itinerary in much more detail than we normally did.

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