July 27, 2006

Port au Basque, NF to Truro, NS

12:30, 1:30, 2:16, 3:10, 3:30, 4:05, 4:15, well you get the point, Joyce and I didn't sleep much on the ferry ride. The morning was just beautiful and we stood outside on the deck watching the boat pull into harbor. There were about 50 other motorcycles on board going to a Harley rally in Sidney, NS. We got off the boat at 7:00 a.m. AT and headed for the Cabot Trail. We take a very short ferry ride across an inlet to get there. The ferry traveled only about 50 yards and simply ran back and forth using a cable stretched across the water. During the Cabot Trail ride, we took a side trip to Meat's Cove. The road ended and we drove five miles on dirt roads up and down the mountainside. There wasn't much of a town there; just a couple of buildings. We rode the five miles back across the dirt road to get to pavement again. We stopped in Cheticamp to experience the Acadian culture, but decided not to spend time there because crowds of Harley riders were converging there. This is where the Cajun people in Louisiana migrated from many years ago.

The famous Nova Scotia Cabot Trail.
We landed in Truro, Nova Scotia for the night. The Palliser Motel was wonderful. Our room was a cottage and the bed again the size of two queens. The restaurant was right across the street. We had a bucket of mussels for an appetizer, and lobster for dinner. While we were waiting for dinner Joyce started to write in her journal, but the pen died. The hostess gave her a new one, and she continued logging our travels. After dinner we sat out in front of our cottage in lovely lounge chairs and enjoyed the evening. This location is known for its tidal bore. That is when the incoming tide forms waves of water that travel up a river against the direction of the current. Unfortunately, the tide was not coming in until about 2:30 am, so we did not go to watch it.

Miles Traveled: 361
There really isn't very much in Meat Cove.
The Meat Cove Tea Room. What a civilized place this is.
The Palliser Hotel in Truro, Nova Scotia where the tidal bore occurs. This postcard shows a good picture of what the tidal bore looks like. (Upper Left)

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