July 28, 2006

Truro, NS to Lewiston, ME

We were up at 6:00 a.m. AT and on the road at 7:00 a.m. We rode to the Northern border of Nova Scotia and through New Brunswick. Just as we were approaching the US border, it began to rain. I had spotted a storm on the GPS about 20 miles before, but it was not to be seen now. We were stopping in just a bit so we rode in the light rain until we got there. Got a bit wet. The weather service is staring to become available again, but it is still not reliable.

We stopped at a duty free shop to get reimbursed for the Canadian GST taxes paid on lodging. We went through U.S. customs and were back in the US of A. The further we rode into the State, the more the weather radar was working. Storm clusters appeared, disappeared, then reappeared, but after 50 miles or so, it looked like everything was working fine again.

We stopped to gas up and found a big winged bug sitting next to the chairs on the porch in front of the service station. Had no idea what it was. We stopped for the night in Lewiston, Maine. Joyce was homesick big time, missing everyone, even the office. We had supper at a great restaurant in Lewiston, Maine. Walked to the restaurant from our room at the Motel 6. Enjoyed a great seafood dinner and compared Maine lobster to Nova Scotia lobster. On the way back to the motel, WHOA! Monsoon come! We were soaked to the skin. Laundry facilities at the motel saved the day!!!

Miles Traveled: 516

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