July 20, 2006

Essex Junction, VT

We were up and out by 6:00 a.m. ET. Ate breakfast at Libby's Diner again; loved those pancakes with Maple syrup. Colchester had a number of its main streets under construction, but fortunately, there was a nice way to get to the Rally site that avoided the construction. We got to the BMW rally site shortly after the 8 a.m. check in time and found very long lines. It was pretty hot too; 90 or so. After checking in, we found the Mayberry Sherpa tent area and arranged our stuff in the tent. Mayberry Shepra provides a really neat service for rally-goers who want to camp, but don't want to haul all the camping gear. He provides, for a fee of course, a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, camp chairs, towels, water, coffee, ice chests, etc. It was a very nice arrangement, plus, we had a great group of campmates who kept us entertained as late as we wanted to stay up. Check him out at sherpamayberry.com.

After we got everything settled in for the rally, we spent the day walking around and visiting the vendors and all their exhibits, and signed up for prizes and drawings. For dinner we went back to T-Bones and then back to the campgrounds to party with our campmates.

Miles Traveled: 20
The Sherpa Mayberry tent city.
Other campers.
More campers.
Still more campers.
The BMW Rally beer tent.

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