July 21, 2006

Essex Junction, VT

We were up before 6:00 a.m. ET. It was very overcast, but not hot. They had an internet café set up, so we checked our email and watched the weather radar. It looked like a huge storm was about to hit the campgrounds, so we stayed near the exhibition halls. Unbelievably, the storm dissipated just before it got to the rally site.

We went for a ride through some of the nearby Vermont Gaps. It looked like we were going to get wet, but we took a nice route south and avoided the rain. The weather radar on the GPS was such a nice thing to have on days like that. We stopped and found a geocache; a Travel Bug hotel. We left the Etch-a-sketch Travel Bug we had found earlier. Took a nice trip back to the campsite and sat under the canopy with our friends again. We ate a supper purchased from the campground vendors.

Miles Traveled: 201
Storm clouds over the Vermont Gaps.

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