July 19, 2006

Colchester, VT

Up at 6:12 a.m. ET. Went geocaching and ended up searching for three caches. Left a travel bug at the 2nd site, but abandoned the 1st and 3rd sites due to mosquito infestations!! We rode around a nearby harbor; Lake Champlain is beautiful. Stopped for breakfast at Libby's Diner. Yum. Real Vermont 100% pure maple syrup, delicious. Colchester is a very friendly town. We took a tip from our breakfast waitress, Vicki, and rode to Smuggler's Notch. It's just past a ski resort with a newly paved winding road over the mountain. Near the top, the road turns into a pretty steep single lane road. Over the top of the mountain is another ski resort and the accompanying après ski bars and restaurants.

We stopped at a Maple Syrup shop along the way, learned a little bit about making syrup, and had some shipped back home. We went back to the hotel and what do you know, the room keys didn't work! After a trip to the front desk, we are back in the room. Tropical Storm, Beryl, is heading for the cost of New England, and more importantly to us anyway, is heading directly for Nova Scotia; where we are heading in a couple of days. We are keeping a close eye on that system. Went out geocaching and found four of four!! Joyce found one with an etch-a-sketch Travel Bug! Yeah! Cache number 2 had a huge toad guarding the box. We also saw 2 garter snakes. Cache number three was a very small coffin shaped box with a cute skeleton inside. The cache held mostly Halloween stuff. Cache number four was a clue to another cache. We are hungry and are having dinner at T-Bones, so we forego searching for the second stage of that multi-cache. We went back to the room, sat by the pool, and enjoyed the beautiful night.

Miles Traveled: 159
The geocache was hidden beneath this rock....
and guarded by this toad.
Another geocache.
One of the Garter snakes.
The Holoween casket geocache.
Good eating at TBones Restaurant.

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