July 16, 2006

Manassas, VA to New Paltz, NY

Happy 29th Birthday, John!! We were up and out at 6:45 a.m. ET. Went through Washington DC. Got a couple of pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, and Washington Monument, and the White House. Fabulous!!! We stopped for breakfast in Maryland and mapped out the rest of our day over a #8 at Hardies. Yum.

We rode over a neat Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Wow! Four point three miles of wonder, and pretty high up in the center. Stopped for lunch 1:06 ET in Pennsylvania just before getting to New Jersey. On our way out of Pennsylvania, 3 police cars came charging past us with sirens screaming. We caught up to them a couple of blocks later where they had a car pulled over in a parking lot. A woman was standing just outside of her car crying. Just as we got there, an undercover officer drew his weapon and announced to the house next to the parking lot, "This is the State Police, Bruce, come out the front door with your hands up." We were right in front of the house and stuck in traffic due to a gapers block. Traffic was frozen and Joyce was thinking to herself, "go around and get us out of here before Bruce decides to turn this into a shoot out!" We successfully pulled around and left them to their "cops and robbers". We ended the day in New Paltz, New York. Barnaby's is definitely the place to eat here!

Miles Traveled: 355
Chesapeake Bay bridge.

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