July 15, 2006

Weston, WV to Manassas, VA

We were up and out early and found ourselves eating breakfast at Bob Evans again. They are everywhere around here, probably because the real Bob Evans farm is in this area. We drove past the signs directing tourists to visit the farm, but did not really want to visit it ourselves. We rode through the rest of West Virginia and into the mountains of Virginia-my, oh, my!! One beautiful site after another!! The route we took was very scenic and wound over a couple mountain passes. Nice twisty roads and in very good condition. Route 33 and 211 in case anyone is interested. We saw our first wildlife along the side of the road; a fawn. We stopped in a Manassas, Virginia Chipotle for a late lunch and discovered we were tired and chasing a storm into Washington, D.C. It would make more sense to ride the short distance there tomorrow morning, so we got a room, rested a bit and then rode around town for a while before calling it a night.

Miles Traveled: 233
Time to rehydrate.

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