July 14, 2006

Indianapolis, IN to Weston, WV

We were up and out first thing in the morning to look for a geocache. Found 1 of the 2 we searched for and left a Tigger Travel Bug. We took a poker chip from the cache and left one of our own Malibu1 & Co. poker chips. We were recently introduced to geocaching and decided to look for a few on this trip. We even planned to search for a geocache at our furthest destination, Labrador, and leave a couple of Travel Bugs there. For more information about geocaching, go to Geocaching.com

We ate breakfast at a Bob Evans, then rode across the rest of Indiana and through Ohio along the Route 52 scenic river road before crossing into West Virginia. We tore up about 200 miles of road in West Virginia!!! Wow is it bee-u-t-i-full!!! (Joyce's parents lived here when they were first married.)

While riding, we saw a sign for a tackle shop that read: Master Bait and Tackle, and another one advertising Beazer Homes. Ha ha!! (Private joke.) We stopped at the Super 8 in Weston, West Virginia. This area is gorgeous. We ordered pizza for supper at the nearby restaurant and had a couple glasses of wine in their dining room while the pizza cooked. Life is good!! We ate the pizza at the hotel and then went for a walk around the area. We found a waterfall right next to the shopping area!! Fun!!

Miles Traveled: 409

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