July 25, 2006

Port au Basque, NF to L'anse au Clair, LB

We were up and had laundry done by 7:30 a.m. AT. We planned to drive through Newfoundland today to catch the ferry to Labrador. We stopped at a very beautiful spot for some soup and gas. The soup was pea soup, but it had an orangish color. Must have been some local variety of pea. It was cool with temperatures in the 60's. We saw a few moose along the way; not nearly the number we expected to see. We had trouble finding premium gasoline as we got further North. Had to put in a half tank of regular, but finally found some premium about 30 miles later.

We got to the ferry dock and were a little nervous. We might need reservations and don't have any. We waited until the ticket office opened and whew, were told no problem we would be able to board. While we were waiting the GPS showed a geocache at the harbor. We found it, it was a coin exchange (cute pun). There were no US coins in the cache. We took a coin from the Netherlands and left an American dime.

We crossed the 25 miles stretch of water and arrived in Labrador. WOW!! We were finally at our f urthest destination. There was a restaurant in the Northern Lights Inn where we were staying. We enjoyed scallops and Atlantic crab legs. The food was very fresh and delicious.

Miles Traveled: 350
Stock photo of a moose. We didn't get a chance to take any ourselves.
Newfoundland to Labrador ferry.
Labrador, we're finally here!
How to turn off a TV in Labrador!?!?

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