July 23, 2006

Yarmouth, NS to Charlottetown, PEI

We were up at 6:45 a.m. AT. It was foggy and windy with some light rain, but the temperatures were OK. The GPS did not show any rain in the area, so either it was too light to pick up or the weather radar service didn't work here. We stopped for a snack and to discuss catching the ferry to Prince Edward Island instead of riding over the Confederation bridge from New Brunswick due to the windiness. We rode straight to the ferry to wait for the next departure. We got to the harbor and saw the ferry just getting ready to depart. We were told to wait in a line for the next one, but a dockhand signaled us aboard. We were the last one on the boat. The gate was closing before we even got off the bike! Whew! That was close. The ferry ride was about 15 miles or so. Prince Edward Island was awesome, if we get no further, we have been on vacation!

The rain had us checking in early, but it was no problem, they were expecting us. The lobby of the Great George Inn reminded me of a B&B. It had a setting from the 1800's, and a signed picture of Ann Murray on the piano. The rooms were set up like B&B as well. The bed was the size of two queen-size beds! We enjoyed a leisurely multicourse meal climaxed by a lobster dinner at the Off Broadway restaurant, a place the hotel recommended. We walk around the downtown area for a while, noticing the unusual parking meter setup. We stopped for dessert at the Claddagh Oyster House. We had fresh Malpeque, Colville, and Raspberry Point scallops from the local waters. They were amazingly good. Then we went back to the room to check the weather. The shades were pulled, our bed was turned down, and there were little candies on the pillows. The towels were so thick that even after drying her hair, Joyce's towel wasn't even wet.

Miles Traveled: 328
Only one parking meter in front of these parking spaces??
Let's take a closer look at it.
Why make only handicapped people use a meter??
OK, There's the centrally located parking payment center for the rest of the spaces.
(The silver box with the letter "P" on it behind the lamppost.)

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